Lancaster, Calif. Requires Newly Built Houses to Fully Power Themselves with Solar

Lancaster, California has moved beyond requiring solar panels on the rooftops of new houses. A newly passed city ordinance stipulates that those rooftop arrays meet the energy needs of those homes. The city started requiring solar on new homes back in 2014, pioneering a policy that has since been adopted by Sebastopol, Santa Monica and San Francisco, and which was ... Read More »

Can Flow Batteries Beat Lead-Acid in Asia’s Telecom Market? Redflow Thinks So

Redflow is garnering interest in its zinc-bromine flow batteries from telecommunication companies and other businesses throughout Southeast Asia. Companies in several countries are currently evaluating the Redflow ZBM2 battery’s ability to provide backup power to remotely located telecommunication towers, according to trhe battery maker. Last June, Redflow released a version of its flow battery for residential applications. Now it's eyeing ... Read More »

Passive House Design: How It Works and Misconceptions Explained


Passive House Design: How It Works and Misconceptions Explained Do you dream of an off-the-grid life? Are you traumatized by utility bills? Are you in despair over climate change and wondering what you can do to save the earth? If so, building a passive house may well be in your future. Passive houses optimize the most innovative and up-to-the minute ... Read More »

Without Their Own Software, Can Utilities Survive?

Today, large companies often prioritize resources and investment for their core competencies, while everything non-core becomes eligible for outsourcing. Outsourcing makes them more efficient and saves them money over the long term. Ironically, knowing how to outsource has itself become a core competency. In the 1980s many companies deemed internally managed enterprise software to be core. Oracle and SAP sold big licenses, ... Read More »

Scott Pruitt Is Confirmed to Lead the EPA, an Agency He Sued 13 Times

The U.S. Senate approved Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt today as head of the Environmental Protection Agency, throwing the future of the agency into doubt. The heavily contested decision puts one of the fiercest legal challengers of federal environmental rules at the helm of the government arm that oversees them. Pruitt has filed more than a dozen lawsuits against the ... Read More »

Struggling Sungevity Lays Off Workers After Merger Falls Through

Sungevity billed itself as a lean, “asset-light” residential solar company that could scale faster than the vertically integrated leaders like SolarCity, Vivint and Sunrun.  The company just got leaner. The solar firm laid off 66 employees from its Oakland headquarters January 12, government documents show. That was just under two weeks from the day that a planned reverse merger with shell ... Read More »

What are Organic Fertilizers – Benefits and Different Types of Organic Fertilizers


What are Organic Fertilizers? Organic fertilizers are the ones sourced from organic materials such as plants, mineral or animal sources. Unlike the traditional chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizers have to occur naturally. The organic fertilizers vary based on the nutrient requirements for the firm, but in most cases, the organic fertilizers are comprised of a single ingredient. The nutritional and ingredient ... Read More »

Why Wind Turbines Should Talk to Each Other

A wind turbine spinning its blades in a valley in southeast India asks a turbine on a plain in Iowa if it should slow down or speed up its rotation. Sound like the stuff of science fiction? It’s not, according to GE’s VP of Software Research Colin Parris. GE has been developing software, sensors and networking technology that enable wind ... Read More »