Could Solar Thermal Help Replace Britain’s Controversial Nuclear Project, Hinkley Point C?

Doubts over a massive new nuclear plant in the United Kingdom have sparked debate over renewable alternatives — including the possibility of importing solar thermal power from north Africa.  Analysts at The Energy Research Partnership (ERP), a think tank and advisory body, said solar thermal “would count” as one of a handful of firm low-carbon energy supplies capable of taking ... Read More »

US Installed Microgrid Capacity to Grow 115% And Reach 4.3 GW Over Next Five Years

A shift away from single-entity owned and operated projects is greatly improving microgrid project economics in the U.S. microgrid market. In its newly released report, “U.S. Microgrids 2016: Market Drivers, Analysis and Forecast,” GTM Research provides an analysis of customer drivers and emerging ownership models, and detailed segmentations of the current market to arrive at future market expectations to 2020. ... Read More »

GCL-Poly Buys SunEdison Silicon Assets for $150M

According to a filing on Friday, GCL-Poly, a Chinese firm that produces solar polysilicon and wafers, as well as develops solar farms, bought SunEdison's once billion-dollar business for $ 150 million. UBS was a financial advisor to GCL in the deal. GCL lists the “target assets” as “solar materials businesses including relevant platform, people, intellectual property processes and advanced manufacturing ... Read More »

What is Ecotourism? Principles, Importance and Benefits of Ecotourism


What is Ecotourism? Ecotourism (also called sustainable tourism) can be defined by a variety of travel practices, but it all comes down to a general set of ideas. As an eco-tourist, you decide to travel in a way that shows respect to nature and does not contribute to its degradation. Additionally, ecotourism is a part of environmental conservation, and understanding ... Read More »

Methods and Importance of Environmental Conservation


Environmental Conservation We only have one planet and we should all do our part to ensure that it’s protected by combining our modern ways of living with a deeper respect and understanding of what nature provides. Environmental conservationists understand that the way we live is a reflection of how we feel about the natural world, and our everyday habits show ... Read More »

LEDs, Not Solar, Have Transformed Their Industry

For all of the talk about the disruptive nature of wind and solar on the utility sector, there is another clean energy technology that has already quietly rocked its own industry: light-emitting diodes. Goldman Sachs recently released 60 charts that show the transformation that’s occurring in the low-carbon economy. The financial institution calls LEDs one of the fastest technology shifts ... Read More »

Energy Jobs: Charlie Gay to Head DOE SunShot, Plus REC Solar, Stem, JLM Energy, Tigo, Faraday Future


Solar industry veteran Charlie Gay has joined the Energy Department’s SunShot Initiative as its new director. He replaces Rebecca Jones-Albertus and arrives at the SunShot program with more than 40 years of experience in the solar industry. Previously, Gay was the president of Applied Solar at Applied Materials and a booster of amorphous silicon. Gay served as the director of ... Read More »