Solar Energy International’s (SEI) Programa Hispano Alumni Spotlight: Natalia Gómez


Natalia Gómez came to Solar Energy International (SEI) to attend hands-on solar installer training as a part of SEI’s Programa Hispano. She travelled to SEI’s Paonia, CO training facility from Bogotá, Colombia to complete FV201L, a hands-on, lab-based course in grid-tied, residential photovoltaic  systems taught entirely in Spanish. She hopes to bring more renewable energy back to Colombia through her ... Read More »

Wireless Charging: Coming Soon to an Electric Vehicle Near You

Wireless charging could be a game-changer for electric vehicles — and a crucial step in the shift to mass EV adoption. Mercedes-Benz is currently poised to be the first automaker to offer wireless charging for a production vehicle. In June, the German automaker announced the new feature would be coming to market in 2018 with the S550e plug-in hybrid (PHEV) ... Read More »

Top 5 Wonderful Eco-Friendly Gardening Ideas


Top 5 Wonderful Eco-Friendly Gardening Ideas If you have the vision to create a garden that is as eco-friendly as possible, you’ll be glad to know that there is a wide range of methods to choose from, all of which will make an outdoor area much more self-sustaining, will cut down on waste and is designed to be more dependent ... Read More »

Dong Energy May Divest From Oil and Gas in Favor of Wind

Reuters: DONG Energy May Jettison Oil and Gas in Latest Wind Shift DONG Energy may shed its oil and gas business, sharpening its focus on wind power and potentially opening the door to a deal with Danish peer A.P. Moller-Maersk, which is also seeking a new home for its energy assets. DONG Energy has moved to the forefront of international offshore ... Read More »

US Smart Meter Deployments to Hit 70M in 2016, 90M in 2020

Smart meters are now the rule, rather than the exception, for U.S. electric utilities. According to a new report from the Edison Foundation, a utility-funded think tank, the country had installed 65 million smart meters as of 2015, and that figure is projected to rise to 70 million by the end of 2016, making up more than half of all ... Read More »

Have We Already Won the Renewables Revolution?

Have we already won?  Could we have already reached a point where current trajectories for renewable energy, energy efficiency and alternative transportation are clear enough that we can reasonably suggest that a revolution has occurred? Yes. For the most part, the game is indeed won. We are on the path to renewable energy ubiquity — and it’s unlikely to be ... Read More »

The Future of Solar Energy


The Future of Solar Energy At first blush, solar energy is perhaps the most elegant solution to our energy needs. The sun blasts our planet’s surface with more than enough energy to keep us going forever. The United States government estimates that the Earth receives over 173,000 terawatts of energy every year, which is more than 10,000 times what humanity ... Read More »

Bloom Energy and PowerSecure Team Up for 50MW of Fuel Cells—and Some Batteries

PowerSecure, the microgrid and backup-power provider bought by utility Southern Company earlier this year, is putting its money and technology into behind-the-meter fuel cells from Bloom Energy — and trying out a fuel cell-battery combo in a select set of Home Depot stores to keep them running when the grid goes down. On Tuesday, these companies announced a strategic alliance ... Read More »

Slideshow: Why 2016 Is the Weirdest Year For US Solar

After celebrating the extension of a key federal tax credit last December, America's solar industry finds itself in a bizarre place.  “You can make a case that…this has been the best year for solar that we've ever seen in the U.S. But you could also make the opposite case — that actually 2016 has been the year in which removing ... Read More »