Siva Power Lands $25M to Chase Giga-Scale Domestic Thin-Film Solar Production

It's extremely difficult to raise venture capital funding for solar hardware companies, but somehow Siva Power just raised $ 25 million for its thin-film solar manufacturing think-tank/retirement project for thin-film technologists. Siva closed this $ 25 million round to focus on building a pilot line and developing a solar module business — with funding led by Jim Simons and Mark ... Read More »

First Solar CEO on Running a Profitable Solar Business in Uncertain Times


First Solar has always done things differently compared to the silicon solar industry at large. From wild technical success with its cadmium telluride thin-film platform to actually delivering profits and not following a growth-at-all-costs strategy, First Solar has cut its own path. While solar module companies come and go, ending up insolvent like Germany's SolarWorld or China's Suntech, First Solar ... Read More »

Redflow Decides Flow Batteries Are a Bad Fit for Residential Applications, Shifts Focus to Telcos

Australian flow-battery startup Redflow is ending its pursuit of the residential storage market. The company will now shift its focus from residential customers to telecommunications backup applications, as well as commercial, industrial, off-grid and weak-grid segments. A strategic review released today concluded that success with early adopters in the residential market did not translate into a viable long-term sales strategy. ... Read More »

China’s Coal Fleet Will Soon Be More Efficient Than America’s

China is taking on a colossal energy transformation. But it’s not just happening in the renewable energy sector. It's also happening in coal. Along with developing sprawling new wind and solar farms, China is investing heavily in the most efficient coal technologies. In fact, new plants under construction in the country are dramatically more efficient than anything currently operating in ... Read More »

More Data on How First Solar and NREL Are Balancing the Grid With Utility-Scale Solar

Amidst the political battle over whether wind and solar power is destabilizing the nation’s electric grid, it’s important to remember that utility-scale renewables can also be resources for grid stability — as long as the technical, regulatory and economic issues can be hammered out.  Over the past year or so, First Solar, California grid operator CAISO, and the National Renewable ... Read More »

21+ Astounding Reasons Why You Should Plant a Tree Today


21+ Astounding Reasons Why You Should Plant a Tree Today Trees have numerous benefits and it can hardly be overstated. They support the environment in various ways and without them; life on earth would be impossible. For instance, think of the increasing global temperatures. It is simply a result of destruction and cutting down of trees because trees act as ... Read More »

DERMS: A Term Gone Too Far?

Industry terms of art are valuable when they allow us to communicate precisely and with brevity. Take “advanced metering infrastructure” — a term that has come to mean a utility metering and communications solution that can send and receive messages from the utility. This term is clearly distinct from AMR (automatic meter reading, which is a one-way communicating metering solution) ... Read More »

Secretary Perry, We Have Some Questions for You Too

In April, Department Of Energy Secretary Rick Perry issued a memorandum to his staff asking pointed questions about the future of the electric grid as coal is retired off the system, including: “Whether wholesale energy and capacity markets are adequately compensating attributes such as on-site fuel supply and other factors that strengthen grid resilience and, if not, the extent to ... Read More »

What We Still Don’t Know About Tesla’s Solar Roof

On May 10, Tesla announced it's now taking orders for the company's highly anticipated Solar Roof systems. The Tesla website now provides more details about the cost and durability of the tiles and allows interested homeowners to place a $ 1,000 deposit for the system. For those who understand solar, however, the announcement of the new solar roof has prompted ... Read More »